Imported Calligraphy Pens From London

SPECIALLY IMPORTED calligraphy pens have just arrived from London. These have a unique inking system; you simply drop ink in the oval shaped nib or dip the nib directly into an inkwell.  The nib can hold traditional inks, watercolor or gouache.


The nib on these pens comes in several different sizes, from standard to the super broad 1″ stroke, and they also come in diverse shapes, including a 5-point liner perfect for making music sheet paper. Just draw the music staff in one stroke!


Other unique nibs have a two parallel lines with a space between, so you can fill in your calligraphy words with watercolor or designs. Ideal for pen-and-ink drawings!


These pens are built to last! And they have a cool history dating back to the 1800s.

Learn more about them at!




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